Hospitality Consulting

Some of our former and existing clients include:

Posades Hotel



The Pfeffer Group LLC offers consulting services in four major areas:

Hospitality - With over 30 years experience in the hospitality industry, the Pfeffer Group LLC can assist your firm with the strategic planning and tactical implementation in any hotel operations domain, increase your global reach, strengthen brand recognition, brand or management company selection, and ultimately increase your revenues and profits.

Franchising - With an unparalleled track record in the franchise industry, the Pfeffer Group LLC can assist franchisors to grow and franchisees succeed in today’s highly competitive marketplace. We can assist franchisors in expansion and franchisees to research and investigate the industry before making a financial investment, as well as negotiate with potential franchisors.

Management - The Pfeffer Group can help you implement a philosophy and corporate culture that will allow you to improve your human capital practices, thereby raise your productivity and maximize our output and drive your financial success.

Condo-Hotel Development - The Pfeffer Group has capitalized on its business relationships with the developments of the Beachcomber Resort and Eden Springs. The Pfeffer Group has gained significant experience in assisting in the development of this new hospitality industry approach.


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