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  • The Pfeffer Group through its investment with Harvard Retail Corporation, has opened the Mojito Bar in the Bayside Market Place in Downtown Miami. Negotiations are underway to open a 2nd location in South Florida that will also include a Cuban Restaurant, as well as a 3rd location near the Caribe HiltonHotel in Puerto Rico.
  • The Pfeffer Retail Group has opened its 8th retail location in the Miami area. This new location, the fourth for Splash Perfumes, will soon be joined by a Tick Tock store at Pembroke Lakes Mall. This will bring the number of retail stores operated by The Pfeffer Group to a total of 9. With a 10th about to be announced real soon!



Founded by Eric Pfeffer as a hospitality-consulting firm during the spring of 2002 in South Florida, The Pfeffer Group LLC has evolved into a diversified organization that delivers proven results. If you are seeking experienced hospitality and technology product representation, hospitality global consulting, keynote oratory, or investment opportunities, The Pfeffer Group LLC is the solution for your needs.

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